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Timmy TEDx

At 17-years-old, Timmy Sullivan has distinguished himself as a freelance agent, landing himself professional work opportunities with pioneering brands in the educational technology industry. Fusing his passion for language with his admiration for public education, Sullivan craved an educational environment central to student’s individual passions. After researching trends in education, as well as current educational movements, Sullivan began advocating for personalized learning environments and student voice in education. Throughout this process, he has recognized the incredible impact of appropriate technology integration, and has worked to impact the digital learning community as well. Timmy has been invited to present and keynote at several educational technology conferences regarding his research and perspective on developing a personalized learning culture.

Currently, Timmy is perpetuating his passion for language by writing as a freelance blogger, delivering speeches at edtech conferences, and connecting with individuals to practice foreign language. He has found incredible learning and professional potential in technology integration, and has discovered unique ways to fuel his passion for language using technology. Feel free to contact him for professional opportunities as well as to say “hello”: .


“Timmy Sullivan is an exceptional young leader and role model for students worldwide. He is hands-down one of the most informed and insightful students I have encountered.” – Jennifer L. Scheffer, Mobile Learning Coach at Burlington Public Schools

“Timmy is one of the most responsible, mature, and motivated students I have worked with in my thirty years in education.” – Richard Sheehan, Assistance Principal at Burlington Public Schools

Brilliant, open minded, passionate, and a true joy to talk to and exchange ideas with. I highly recommend Timmy for any position.” – Aashay Madhani, Student at Burlington Public Schools

“A great example of a student with a great digital footprint.” – Susan M. Bearden, Blogger, Creator of Tweechme App


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