Let’s talk about DigCit

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Last Friday, I was privileged enough to pilot season 3 of the BHS Help Desk’s Google Hangout news network, Help Desk Live. Joining me in the conversation were two of the nation’s pioneers and leading figures in digital citizenship, Dr. Marialice Curran and Dr. Mike Ribble. Both Marialice, co-founder of the nation’s first Digital Citizenship Summit, and Mike, published author of Raising a Digital Child and Digital Citizenship in Schools, were eager to talk about the upcoming “DigCit” Summit, as well as discuss how to get students, teachers, and parents involved in the process of digital branding. I want to extend a thank you to both Marialice and Mike for agreeing to our interview, as well as for their contribution to students’ success. The interview is embedded below:



Interested in learning more about digital citizenship? How about attending the conference on October 3rd? Maybe you want to participate in the conversation by using #digcit on Twitter. Better yet, facilitate the discussion with your students and see what digital citizenship means to them.


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