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Whenever a new iOS update rolls around, especially a major one such as iOS 9, 1:1 districts get very excited. With a plethora of students, educators, and Apple users posting about the academic benefits of the new update, I decided to take a more personal approach as to how iOS 9 will influence my day-to-day.



ios9iOS 9 is all about convenience and ease- something greatly appreciated. Apple was very generous with the amount of “short-cuts” users can take when navigating through their devices. One of the great new features of iOS 9 is the amount of communication between apps. For instance, the recent update included a feature for users who interact with messages containing links, addresses, or dates, that direct them out of the message app. When the user clicks the information and leaves the message app, their carrier information in the upper left corner is replaced with a simple navigation: “<Back to Messages”. This allows users the flexibility to move quickly between multiple platforms, while feeling as though they never left their original app.





IMG_4348Apple also delivered users a new-and-improved Siri, even equipped with a manicured, multicolored look. Siri and Spotlight now work cohesively, and can enter into 3rd party applications, allowing users the flexibility to search and explore information across their devices. A particularly amazing feature of Siri’s new search capabilities is the ability to search for photos in your photo library by prompting her with a time or location. Not only has Apple’s search assistant gotten smarter, but Siri now works more as our assistant, providing Siri Suggestions for commonly used apps, recent contacts, and even showing what is nearby for coffee, food, and gas. Siri is now also one step ahead, making note of upcoming meetings or events in the calendar application, and notifying users when they should leave based on the traffic in the area.




Staying true to my admiration for culture, I must admit that the feature I am most excited about is the large addition to the flag emojis. I now have the ability to chose from the breadth of Spanish-speaking countries, which is rather exciting. No longer do I have to Google around in search of the Dominican flag emoji!


While I do wish I had some of the upcoming hardware to accompany iOS 9, I am pleased with the features of this new update. I feel as though I can navigate my device quicker and receive more from my digital assistant. Not to mention how excited I am to use all the new flag emojis. I am curious to hear what you think. Have you discovered any iOS 9 tips and tricks you think are shareable? Or maybe there is a new feature that piques your interest. Feel free to tell me about it in the comments section of my blog, or simply tweet me at @TimmyS54.


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