The Basics and The Banners

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imagesAs previously discussed, my second semester ILE is to begin learning HTML and CSS while working closely with a team of students to construct a Burlington High Maker Studio. I am proud to announce I have developed my game-plan and initiated the beginning stages of this semesters ILE.

Identifying an HTML Resource: The main resource which I will be using is Codecademy. Because I have no prior knowledge of HTML nor CSS, I need to first understand the basics. After some general research of available lessons and a few discussions with various peers and programmers, I identified Codecademy as my best resource. My lessons cover the basic skills and concepts of HTML, evolving smoothly between concepts, syntax, and, eventually, writing chunks of code.

I have made progress thus far, recently finishing my work with tables. I understand how to construct paragraphs of text, insert hyperlinks into strings and pictures, and organize my text into lists and tables. In terms of CSS, I have started learning how to alter font size, color, and family, as well as size headers.

Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 9.35.49 PMI figured the best way to practice the skills I am learning is to actually write the code. For this, I have been using Sublime Text. After I learn a new skill, I practice writing the code in Sublime, then run it in my browser to see how the code works. This has helped me immensely, as I can now see my progress visually and construct my personal blog one step at a time. I have developed a new appreciation for the carefully constructed webpages I interact with everyday, and am beginning to see my very own webpage move from a blank “Hello, World!” into a dynamic profile.

BHS’s New Maker Studio! I am proud to announce that we have just ordered the banner for our new Maker Studios! After drawing our logo on Notability, one of Burlington’s Digital Media students generously volunteered to turn it into a vector image.maker_studio-01 (1)

Now our order is being processed and the Maker Studios is coming to life before our eyes! Additionally, Help Desk senior Cat Hoyt (@cathoyt_) recently cleared out the space we will be using, and we are in the beginning stages of designing the interior of the studio. We want to incorporate all aspects of STEAM into our maker space, and are designing the studio to best represent each category: Interactive tools and applications offer high functioning science simulations, covering a broad range of subjects from biology, to chemistry, to physics; Additions such as the 3D Printer and Google Glass provide cutting edge technology at the hands of students wishing to explore the incredible resources offered to them; The walls of the studio are lined with donated computers, which with we encourage students to deconstruct and engineer into something new; Our incredible team of Burlington High Student Artists is currently designing a mural for the wall, inspiring students to create both beautifully and differently; And wonderfully displayed along the wall stretches a chalkboard, filled with difficult and challenging math problems and computer algorithms for students to collaborate on.

As our Maker Studios is rapidly evolving beside us, and with it are our imaginations. The creative and inventive ways in which students create and design is limitless, and the Maker Studio encourages and invites the most creative artists, the boldest inventors, and the most fearless risk takers.







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