Semester 1 Reflection

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As the first semester is wrapping up, I am eager to embrace and explore new challenges, adventures, and passions in the second half of my academic year. My semester one Individual Learning Endeavor (ILE) was to begin learning Swift programming language. While this endeavor was not completely unsuccessful, there are a few key points of failure I would like to reflect on.

Time Delegated to the Project- Perhaps my biggest feat was not outlining where I wanted my project to take me, and when I hoped to get there. I did not dedicate specific days, nor timeframes, to my learning schedule. I was also unclear of my ultimate goal in this endeavor. What was I hoping to achieve, and what would mark that? Because of this, I was often moving very slowly and found it difficult to plan when I wanted to achieve a new milestone.

Blogging- The purpose of blogging about my ILE, as I now realize, is to stay motivated. Blogging about my academic roadmap, milestones, and difficulties I am encountering will allow me to track my progress along the way, reflect on my strengths and weaknesses, and hopefully interact with others about my goals. Without updating my blog, I was less willing to stick to a schedule, and less motivated to achieve my goals.

Abundance of Resources- I was able to identify useful resources for learning Swift: Apple’s Resources, CodeWithChris, MakeSchool, and many many YouTube videos. While having an abundance of resources seems like an incredible advantage, I found that it also had some setbacks. I did enjoy the ability to keep my learning experiences diverse: reading along with material from Apple, watching videos posted by Chris, and practicing code on MakeSchool. However, what I did find myself doing was switching back and forth unexpectedly and not progressing. This was due to my larger concern with which medium I was using rather than what content I was learning. I spent too much time looking for and collecting resources than using them effectively.

As the second semester is beginning, so is my determination to reinvent my ILE. This half of the year I will be dividing my time between two rigorous projects: Learning HTML and CSS, and contributing as a team member with my fellow Help Desk students to plan, construct, and promote our new Maker Studios.

Both will take large amounts of planning and time commitment. I have already begun drafting my schedule for my work with HTML, and am collaborating closely with my team to develop the best possible way to achieve success in our Maker Studio production. As a renowned educational speaker Ken Shelton once said, “I hope we are all able to change the perspective on failure so that we all will continue to Fail ambitiously and marvelously.” Embracing my failures for the first half of the year has proved to be my greatest resource to starting a successful second semester. As I continue forward, I am glad to have reflected on these personal flaws, as they will aid in the construction of a better prepared academic self.


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    […] previously discussed, my second semester ILE is to begin learning HTML and CSS while working closely with a team of […]


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