Swiftly Learning Apple’s New Language

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cropped-apple_swift_logo.pngAs a part of my school’s student-led genius bar, Help Desk, I am allowed to allot part of my class time to my Individual Learning Endeavor (ILE). I chose to allot my time to learning Apple’s new coding language Swift. In addition to this, I will begin navigating the iOS and OS X software building tool, Xcode. Swift is a user-friendly coding language that combines Objective-C and Cocoa with new expressive syntax. I am going to be using a variety of sources to help me in this endeavor. As coding is very foreign to me, I am compiling a list of rescuers to help expedite my journey. First, I am going to be reading and taking notes on the Swift User’s Guide, available on iBooks. This guide was published by apple, and will give me a first hand view of the language and the times best to use them. I have already started my reading, and can say that my readings have helped me better understand the logistics of app building.

After learning the language, I am going to need to apply it. For this, I am going to be following video series by distinguished coders via YouTube. YouTube coding series allow viewers to see why they are doing something, instead of only knowing how. These videos also offer a unique perspective on how to navigate Xcode, and produce the most efficient interfaces. I am currently tuning into videos at Code With Chris. Chris’ videos are concise and detailed, outlining crucial information and steps to take in the app constructing process.

Ultimately, I hope to apply my knowledge and release apps to the app store. Currently I am collaborating with a fellow Help Desk member, Mira Medhi, to create two apps. Stay tuned to the ILE chapter of my blog to find out more!


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